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No Escape: Game Edition! [v0.25.2] By Scriptor

So hello everyone, the video with this version was released more than 1 year ago and it was called (Minecraft black edition creppypasta) the version is very similar to minecraft hex.exe settings do not work and the like if the multi player to lead any letters then there will be 3 errors and the game crashes but in a single game that one world but you can not go into it unless of course the remaster on it will not do but as well as 1 player claimed that he managed to go into this world and what he found there brought him to the removal of the game completely there was a bloody sky and he also found some creature with a black skin and red eyes well and there was also 1 video on it from the creator of this version but this is a copy of hex but it was not made by me here is the link: -pssA

No Escape: Game Edition! [v0.25.2] By Scriptor


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